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Why Choose Tree Fish?

Tree Fish is built on a foundation of Arborocultural principals. We believe that if a tree isn't interfering with or endangering any person or their property, it is best practice to preserve it. Unlike some less ethical tree companies, we will never recommend a tree be removed solely for our personal gain.


We believe in sustainable urban and rural forestry and its impact on the physical and mental well being of people everywhere. Often to help one tree flourish, another weaker tree may have to be removed or replaced. 

We also understand that you may have needs that outweigh the preservation of your trees. We can help you find solutions to keep your small bit of history but at some point we understand that some trees simply have lived there life and need to go.

With over 30 years of combined experience across our team we know absolutely everything there is to know about getting your tree down. Unlike many companies today, we have the capacity to access trees  in otherwise unreachable locations through our methods of climbing. We never back down from a challenge and we know everything there is to know about tree removal. If you'd like to talk through options about your trees, contact us for a free quote!