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Tree Trimming Services Grand Rapids, MI

We provide tree trimming & pruning in Grand Rapids, MI Call us today 616-277-7164. Are you looking for a great price on locally owned and efficient tree trimming services in the Grand Rapids area? Look no further than Tree Fish Tree Service! We are a professional and fully licensed tree service company committed to providing our customers with the best results at competitive prices.


Our experienced team of tree cutters are dedicated to delivering superior results while following all safety regulations. We take pride in using top-of-the-line equipment and modern techniques to ensure every job is done right. Our professionals prioritize customer satisfaction above all else and strive to provide excellent service that meets your requirements. Protect your house today by taking advantage of our free estimates!


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Tree Fish is the best. This is the second time we have used their services and have been very happy both times. They were able to get us in early, which was awesome. Cleaned up like there was nothing there. Will not hesitate to use them again.

- Nancy Seeley

Customer Reviews

Outstanding!!! Excellent crew, hard working, focused, and professional. They cleaned the area after they finished trimming/cutting the trees. My neighbor saw what they were doing and hired them on the spot to cut a tree in his backyard. Tree Fish, you are my go to tree service company from now on. You are Aces in my book.

- K T

Had them come Saturday for an estimate, and came the following Monday. Removed the broken branch and cleaned up afterwards. Could not even tell they came. Great job and very professional. Thank you...

- Jack Palma

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Types Of Tree Trimming Services:

At Tree Fish Tree Service, we offer a variety of different tree care and tree trimming services designed to meet your specific needs. Whether you’re looking for a one-time pruning or regular maintenance, we can help with your project. Our most popular services include:


Tree pruning is the process of selectively removing branches, twigs, and stems from a tree to promote healthy growth and improve its overall structure.


Tree trimming is a type of tree maintenance service that entails the selective removal of branches, twigs and stems from a tree in order to improve its overall appearance and shape.


This type of service helps reduce the size of large trees by pruning them down into smaller shapes while still preserving their natural beauty.


In times of storm damage or other emergencies requiring immediate attention, our team can help remove hazardous trees quickly and safely.

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We Keep Your Property Safe!

At Tree Fish Tree Service, we understand the importance of preserving your property when trimming trees. That's why we use specialized equipment such as cranes and grapple saws to safely and efficiently trim large branches without causing any damage to your yard, lawn or house.


Cranes allow us to access difficult-to-reach areas that would otherwise be inaccessible with traditional methods. This helps minimize disruption to your landscape and ensures that no unnecessary damage is caused during the tree trimming process. With a crane, our team can quickly remove large branches while maintaining a high level of safety for both workers and surrounding property owners.

Climbing and rigging are important techniques used by tree care professionals to safely access hard-to-reach areas while minimizing disruption to the surrounding landscape. Climbing and rigging also allow for precise cuts in tight spaces, ensuring that no unnecessary destruction is done during the tree trimming process. With these tools and techniques, Tree Fish Tree Service can provide quality results with minimal disturbance to you or your property!


Track mats are also used when pruning and removing large branches to prevent any unnecessary destruction that could be caused by falling debris. Track mats are a simple yet effective solution for preventing debris from reaching the ground and damaging your property. These protective pads are placed on the ground beneath where tree work is being done and help absorb any material that may fall while pruning or removing branches. Not only do they protect your turf, but they also provide extra traction so our team can safely maneuver around without slipping or sliding on wet surfaces. With track mats in place, you can rest assured knowing that your lawn is safe!

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Save Large Limbs with Cabling!

Large tree limbs can be a danger to people and property, but instead of cutting them down you can save them with the process of cabling. Cabling is an effective solution for strengthening weak or damaged limbs without having to remove them from the tree. It involves attaching cables between two branches to provide additional support and prevent breakage in high winds or storms.


The process is relatively simple and cost-effective compared to other methods such as pruning, bracing, or removal of large limbs. Cables are typically made from metal wires that are wrapped around both branches securely so they don’t come loose over time. Not only does cabling help keep your trees healthy and safe, it also provides aesthetic value by preserving their natural shape while still providing structural support.

When you call Tree Fish Tree Service for a free estimate, make sure to ask your estimator if cabling is an option for your tree. Your estimator can advise you on the best cabling techniques depending on the shape and size of your tree as well as budget considerations. At Tree Fish Tree Service we want to ensure that every customer gets the best possible service tailored specifically to their needs – so don’t hesitate to ask us about our cabling services today!

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Painting Fresh Cuts.

Pruning paint, also known as pruning sealer, is a type of protective coating used on freshly cut tree limbs and trunks. It helps minimize the damage caused by pests and diseases, while helping to prevent moisture loss within the newly exposed wood. By sealing up the fresh cuts against potential contaminants and excessive moisture, pruning paint helps keep trees healthy and strong.


One of the key benefits of using pruning paint on freshly cut limbs is that it encourages rapid healing. The sealant helps to reduce die-back following branch removal or pruning by providing a waterproof layer to protect against fungus or bacteria which could lead to rot. Additionally, painting fresh cuts can help decrease suckering (sprouting from dormant buds) by reducing callusing – this means fewer unwanted branches in areas where tree growth is not desired.

However, there are some potential consequences associated with using pruning paint on fresh cuts that should be taken into consideration. Over-application of sealant may cause bark tissue to suffocate and die off due to lack of oxygen – this can lead to uneven healing patterns that may affect the future growth of your tree. Furthermore, if applied too thickly, the paint may trap moisture underneath it leading to rotting wood and further decay.


For these reasons, it’s important to use pruning paint responsibly and follow proper application guidelines for best results. Make sure you always use a thin coat of paint when covering fresh cuts – apply just enough so that all cut surfaces are covered without being too thick or heavy. It’s also important to check for sealant buildup over time – if left unchecked it can eventually become harmful rather than helpful for your trees health. So make sure you ask your Tree Fish estimator about whether tree painting is the best option for you before deciding on any tree services!

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When it comes to tree trimming, there are times when a tree is better off being removed than trimmed. There are several signs that can be used to determine if a tree should be removed instead of trimmed, such as the presence of dead branches or an infestation of pests or disease. In addition, trees with large cavities in their trunks may need to be removed due to potential structural instability.


If a tree has been previously damaged by storms or other environmental factors, it might require removal rather than trimming in order to prevent further damage and ensure safety for those around it. Finally, trees that have grown too close together may need to be removed in order for them both to thrive and avoid future conflicts between them.

By taking these factors into account before deciding whether a tree needs trimming or removal, you can make sure your property remains safe and healthy while avoiding unnecessary costs associated with removing the wrong kind of vegetation from your landscape.

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Get Your Free Estimate Today!

At Tree Fish Tree Service, our experienced estimators can help you determine if your trees need pruning or trimming services. Our professionals have the knowledge and expertise to assess a tree’s health and identify any potential problems that may require attention. We use industry-standard methods as well as modern technology to ensure accurate results. With our free estimate, we can provide an honest assessment of what needs to be done in order for your trees to stay healthy and look their best.


Don’t wait any longer – give us a call today for a free estimate and find out how Tree Fish Tree Service can help keep your trees looking beautiful and healthy!

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