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How Grand Rapids Tree Removal is done: From Cranes to Climbers

You love your trees for the shade, the beauty, and the oxygen they provide. But sometimes, the best thing you can do for your landscape - and your home's safety- is to remove a tree. When it comes to Grand Rapids tree removal, there are various options available depending on each situation. Here at Tree Fish Tree Service, we use a variety of methods for tree removal, including cranes and grapple saws, bucket trucks, experienced tree climbers, and rigging techniques. Read on to learn about each method, how we dispose of the material, and why we stand out in the Grand Rapids tree service market.

A grapple saw removing a tree in Grand Rapids MI

Cranes and Grapple Saws: 

When the tree is near a structure or in a tight space, we may use a crane and a grapple saw. We carefully maneuver the crane to remove branches section by section and then cut the trunk into smaller pieces. It is a method that requires careful precision and skillful handling, which is why our technicians are all certified and trained.

A grapple saw is a powerful attachment that can be added to heavy machinery. It combines the functionality of a grapple and a chainsaw, making it an incredibly versatile tool for various forestry and construction tasks. The grapple saw is designed with a rotating head that allows it to easily grip and cut through trees, branches, or other debris. This makes it an ideal tool for clearing land, trimming trees, and removing fallen or damaged trees. The grapple saw is also commonly used in disaster relief efforts, as it can quickly and efficiently clear debris and fallen trees in affected areas.

In addition to its versatility and efficiency, using a grapple saw also helps reduce damage to the property where the tree removal is taking place. The powerful grip of the grapple saw allows our technicians to carefully remove branches and tree trunks without dropping them onto the ground or nearby structures. This reduces the risk of property damage and ensures a safer removal process for our clients. The rotating head of the grapple saw also allows for more precise cuts, minimizing any potential damage to surrounding vegetation or structures. Overall, using a grapple saw not only makes tree removal easier and faster, but it also helps protect the property from any unnecessary damage.

Unfortunately, not all tree service companies in Grand Rapids have the capability of using a grapple saw. It requires specialized training and equipment, which not all companies invest in. At Tree Fish Tree Service, we take pride in our advanced technology and tools, including our grapple saws. This sets us apart from other tree service companies in the area and allows us to offer a wider range of services to our Grand Rapids clients. Whether it's for residential or commercial properties, our grapple saw capabilities allow us to tackle even the most challenging and complex tree removal jobs with ease and efficiency.

A Tree Fish Employee removing a tree in Grand Rapids by using a bucket truck

Bucket Trucks:

If the tree is not near a structure but still requires more efficient work, we will probably use a bucket truck. Our tree service team operates with high-quality machinery and vehicles to ensure a safe and efficient process. Our bucket trucks give us a unique perspective, which allows us to access tall trees fairly quickly and safely cut delicate branches or remove the tree. When deciding on what equipment to use, we assess the size, shape, and location of the tree before making a final decision.

In some cases, a tree removal may not be as accessible. If the tree is located in a backyard with no road or driveway access, our team at Tree Fish Tree Service has a solution. We have track mats that we can use to lay down on the lawn before driving our trucks onto it. This helps reduce sinking and damage to the property, ensuring that your lawn remains in good condition during the tree removal process.

Our team at Tree Fish Tree Service takes safety very seriously, and we ensure that all our employees are highly trained in operating a bucket truck. They undergo extensive training on how to safely operate the machinery and follow strict protocols for tree removal procedures. This includes proper harnessing and fall safety techniques while operating high above ground level. Our employees also have experience in dealing with various types of trees, which allows them to make informed decisions on the best approach for each individual tree removal task.

An experienced Tree Fish climber removing a tree in Grand Rapids

Experienced Tree Climbers:

Tree climbers remain a great option for tree removals that vehicles don’t have access to. They climb the tree using specialized gear and tools, cutting away at branches and removing the tree piece by piece. This method may take more time, and it's challenging and extensive, but our experienced and trained climbers are masters at their craft. They bring their skills, expertise, and knowledge to every job, ensuring the best possible service from start to finish. 

Tree climbers use specialized gear and tools to safely ascend the tree they are tasked with removing. This includes harnesses, ropes, and climbing spikes that allow them to grip onto the tree's trunk and branches. They carefully plan their climb, making sure to secure all equipment and maintain a stable base as they move up the tree. As they reach higher points, they may use ropes and pulleys to support themselves and control the tree's movement. Once at the top, they begin cutting away branches and sections of the tree, carefully lowering them to the ground using ropes. This process continues until the entire tree is removed piece by piece, ensuring minimal impact on surrounding structures and vegetation. Tree climbers must have years of training and experience to safely execute this method, and our team is highly skilled in this regard. 

At our company, we prioritize safety and efficiency in all of our tree removal services. Our experienced tree climbers are equipped with the necessary expertise and gear to handle even the most challenging tree removal tasks. They work together with ground crew members to ensure a smooth operation from start to finish, leaving your property clean and free of any debris.

Rigging professionals removing a tree in Grand Rapids

Rigging techniques: 

Our team also uses rigging techniques to carefully lower limbs and cut branches, minimizing the impact on surrounding trees and structures. We determine the best option to complete the removal and rid your landscape of the tree with the least damage to the existing surroundings. Rigging techniques often involve ropes and pulleys, which enable us to control the speed and direction of the fall, protecting property and other structures.

There are various types of rigging techniques that our team utilizes for tree removal. One common technique is called the 'Block and Tackle', which involves using multiple pulleys to increase the mechanical advantage of pulling a heavy object. This allows us to easily lower large branches or sections of a tree without exerting too much force and risking damage to surrounding structures.

Another commonly used technique is called the 'Speedline', which involves setting up a rope from the tree being removed to an anchor point further away. This allows us to control the descent of larger branches or sections of a tree and safely guide them away from nearby structures.

To ensure the safety and success of our tree removal operations, our employees undergo rigorous training to learn rigging techniques. They are trained on how to set up and use different types of rigging equipment, such as ropes, pulleys, and anchors. Our team also learns how to assess a tree's structure and determine the best rigging technique for its specific shape and surroundings. Furthermore, they are taught proper safety protocols and procedures to follow during rigging operations.

A Tree Fish employee removing a tree and chipping the brush

Disposal and Recycling: 

We are passionate about giving back to the community and environment, and this is why we always prioritize environmentally friendly practices. Once the tree is down and the debris and branches are removed, we chip the branches into mulch. The mulch can be used to boost the soil fertility of the garden or the lawn. The big chunks of tree trunks might be reduced down for timber if the wood quality allows, or if possible, it is sent to farms that use it for livestock bedding.

We also partner with local mulchers to use the tree chips in landscaping projects or as bio fuel. This helps reduce waste and promotes sustainable practices within our community.

In cases where tree removal is necessary, but the property owner wishes to keep some wood for personal use, we can also accommodate this request. Our team will work with the property owner to safely cut and stack the desired wood.

A Grand Rapids customer getting a free estimate from Tree Fish

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At Tree Fish Tree Services, we are not only tree removal experts, but we care about our services' environmental impact. We aim to provide an extensive and efficient service that will meet your tree removal requirements so that your property is clean, efficient, and safe. To learn more about the process visit our pages on tree removal, tree trimming, emergency tree services, and stump removal! To get your free tree trimming estimate scheduled, fill out our online form or give us a call at (616) 277- 7164.


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