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Grand Rapids Emergency Tree Services - What to Do When a Tree Falls on Your House

Trees may be essential for the environment, but they can also be a potential danger to homes when they fall during severe storms or because of trauma. Not only can a tree falling on your house create catastrophic damage, but it also jeopardizes you and your family's safety. Therefore, it is vital to know what to do when a tree falls on your house to keep your loved ones safe.

In this blog, we present a comprehensive guide that will take you through the crucial steps to take when faced with such an emergency. Also, we will provide insights from expert arborists at Tree Fish Tree Service on the potential dangers and risks of falling trees and how best to prepare against them.

Tree Fish performs an emergency tree removal on a strom damaged home in Grand Rapids

Step 1: Ensure Your Safety

Safety is paramount, and taking care of yourself and your family should be the first step. If a tree falls on your house, it's essential to leave the building and move as far away from it as possible. Moreover, if you smell gas or if you hear hissing sounds, leave immediately and contact your utility company or emergency services.

Fallen trees can be unpredictable, and their weight may be placed in unexpected ways. Therefore, it's crucial to treat them with extreme caution. Avoid approaching the fallen tree or attempting to remove it on your own.

A Tree Fish employee removes an emergency fallen tree from a home's roof

Step 2: Call the Professionals

The second step is to call a professional tree service company like the skilled arborists at Tree Fish Tree Service. They will move quickly to assess the situation and provide a solution to clear the tree from your house while ensuring your safety is a top concern. A professional company will have the right tools and equipment to clear the tree from your house efficiently.

Before agreeing to any tree service, it's crucial to get a written quote that includes the full amount of the service. Do not accept any verbal agreements without knowing the final price. This will help avoid any potential misunderstandings or unexpected costs. A reputable tree service company will provide you with a detailed written quote that outlines the work to be done, the cost breakdown, and any warranties or guarantees offered. It's also essential to ask for proof of insurance and worker's compensation coverage before hiring a tree service company.

Additionally, it's crucial to do research on a tree service company before hiring them. Check for reviews and ratings from previous customers. This will help ensure that you are hiring a reputable and trustworthy company. Several companies within Grand Rapids have been in legal trouble for preditory pricing during emerencies. Be sure to avoid these at all cost, you will thank yourself later.

A Tree Fish employee overlooking an emergency tree removal in Grand Rapids

Step 3: Take Pictures and Document the Damage

Before the professionals arrive, be sure to take pictures and document the damage for insurance purposes. This evidence will help to ensure that you receive a fair payout from your insurance company to cover any damages sustained. Make sure to take pictures of the fallen tree, any damage to your home or property, and any surrounding areas that may have been affected. It's also a good idea to document the time and date of when the incident occurred. This will serve as proof for insurance purposes.

In the event of an emergency, it's possible that insurance adjusters may not be able to make it to your property before preventative measures must be taken. This is where the documentation becomes vital. By taking pictures and documenting the damage, you'll have evidence to show your insurance company when filing a claim. This will help ensure that you receive fair compensation for any damages sustained during the emergency.

A Tree Fish Grapple saw removing fallen trees from a roof in Grand Rapids

Step 4: Remove the Debris and Repair the Damage

After the tree service company clears the fallen tree, it's essential to hire a reputable contractor to repair the damage. This could involve fixing holes in the roof, cutting branches, and removing debris from the yard and affected areas.

It's important to note that some insurance policies may not cover damages if preventative measures were not taken. This means that if the fallen tree caused damage to your property, but you did not take steps to prevent further damage, your insurance company may refuse to cover those additional costs. To avoid this issue, be sure to follow all necessary precautions and take preventative measures when dealing with a fallen tree or emergency situation. This will not only help protect your property, but it will also increase the chances of receiving full coverage from your insurance company.

Tree Fish worker watching an emergency tree removal in Grand Rapids

Step 5: Re-evaluate Your Landscape

Finally, it's essential to take a closer look at your landscape and the other trees within it to prevent further accidents. Getting a professional tree inspection from Tree Fish Tree Service can help ensure any potentially dangerous trees are removed immediately. Be sure to maintain the safety of your property to prevent future accidents.

A Grand Rapids Customer getting a quote for an emergency tree removal

It Will Be Okay! Call Tree Fish for your Grand Rapids Emergency Tree Services

Dealing with a fallen tree can be overwhelming, but with the right steps in place, you can ensure your safety and restore your home as quickly as possible. At Tree Fish Tree Service, our team of professional arborists are committed to providing you with efficient and reliable service to ensure your safety and care for your trees.

Visit our emergency tree services page to learn more about how we help in the event of an emergency. Stay ahead of emergencies by saving our number just in case: (616) 277- 7164!


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