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Safe Tree Service - How We Protect Your Lawn During Tree Work

Safe tree service is an important aspect of property maintenance, and it requires a professional team to do the job right. Unfortunately, trees can cause significant damage to your lawn during removal or trimming. At Tree Fish Tree Service, we prioritize lawn safety during every job, especially when it comes to our use of track mats. In this blog post, we will explain what track mats are and how they protect your lawn. Additionally, we will provide insight into how tree material is moved safely, how plywood is used underneath vehicle outriggers, and why it is important for customers to contact Miss Dig before work begins.

Tree Fish workers laying down track mats for a safe tree removal

What Are Track Mats?

Track mats are an essential tool in the Tree Fish Tree Service toolbox. They are made of composite materials and are designed to protect lawns from heavy equipment and vehicle traffic. They spread the weight over a larger area, reducing the pressure on the grass and minimizing damage. Our team uses track mats regularly to ensure that your lawn remains intact.

Tree Fish crane safely lifting materials over the lawn

How Tree Material Is Moved Safely

When tree material is removed or trimmed, it is either taken off-site by cranes or rigged down gently with ropes. The tree materials taken off-site by cranes are directly loaded onto trucks waiting underneath. In rigging down materials with ropes, we carefully control each cut, guiding limbs and trunks down to the ground to limit potential damage. Our team at Tree Fish Tree Service has a proven track record of minimizing lawn damage during tree removal.

Tree Fish crane using plywood under its outriggers for safety

How Plywood Is Used Underneath Vehicle Outriggers

In some cases, heavy equipment can cause significant damage to the lawn, even when using track mats. To prevent any potential risks, we use plywood as a reinforcement underneath our vehicle outriggers. This adds another layer of protection to your lawn, preventing heavy equipment from sinking into the ground and creating trenches. Our team will always take the necessary steps to protect your lawn and maintain its appearance during the tree work process.

Why It's Important to Contact Miss Dig

Before tree work begins, it is important for customers to contact Miss Dig to have their property flagged for potential hazards underground. Pipes, wires, and other underground equipment can get damaged during tree work, leading to significant damage and danger to the property. By checking the property beforehand, we can prevent any potential hazards and ensure that the tree work can be completed safely.

Tree Fish employees overseeing a safe tree removal in Grand Rapids

What if Accidents Happen?

The reality of tree removal is that sometimes lawn damage is unavoidable. In the event of any accidents, our team at Tree Fish Tree Service takes full responsibility and will promptly repair any lawn damage that occurs during the tree work process. We utilize resodding or reseeding techniques to restore your lawn to its original condition. Our top priority is to leave your property looking just as beautiful as it was before we started our tree work.

Tree Fish is Your Safe Tree Service!

Tree work is essential for maintaining the appearance and safety of your lawn. At Tree Fish Tree Service, we prioritize the safety of your lawn during every job, and our use of track mats plays a crucial role in that effort. We hope that this blog post has provided insight into our process and has demonstrated our commitment to protecting your lawn. Visit our other pages to learn more about how we perform tree removal, tree trimming & pruning, stump removal, emergency tree services, fertilization, and arborist consultations. And remember, we are always one call away at (616) 277- 7164!


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